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    UNITED17 Ventures

    UNITED17 Ventures is focused on what is needed to "bridge the gap" between the SDGs, startups, SMEs, Corporates and their efforts to impact society and environment. We are inclusive and have insights as to where to scout, align and how to fund solutions created prior, during and post COVID-19. Our goal is to help others prepare for the present and the future while adding value to communities and societies across the globe.


    We create, identify and find ways to invest. We provide platforms and distribution channels to filter awareness and to build up talent, resources and innovations both interpersonally and digitally.


    By providing technology scouting, strategic partnership, product development, podcasting as a service, and venture capital alignment we identify the "best in tech" innovators, corporates, experts, and Investors who are passionate about ensuring that we can reach the UN 17 SDG’s by 2030 and help bring essential products and services to market.



  • WE ACCEPT BItCOIN to Support Women and the Underrepresented

    BITHOUSE Group provides over 200 hours a year of mentoring to

    founders free of charge. We also invest in founders who have solutions which have are scaleable across the globe. If you would like to make a digital currency donation, you can do so below. We accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum.