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    "Bridging the Gap"




    Facilitating "Best in Tech" business collaborations and alliances between United States, China and Europe.


    Our USP...In Business since 2007. We cultivate sustainable Relationships and Invest in solutions that have the capability to achieve Global impact (RIG)... We aid with the formation of organic, Strategic Partnerships via Cross Border Collaboration, Communication, and Innovation.. We Are Inclusive of Diversity and Inclusion Milestones to Ensure Internal Talent Engagement, IP/R&D Innovation, and External Customer Success!

    BITHOUSE GROUP believes that every culture has elements which are of value and "connects the global dots" by cultivating sustainable partnerships and affiliations which are incorporate diversity and inclusion measures, startup culture, corporate knowhow and global business acumen.



    In 2018, let BITHOUSE Group help you diversify your open innovation pipeline, as well as your innovation and digitalization efforts in order to ensure that you can not just reach but engage your local and global customer base.. If you can't do this internally, make sure you don't make the same mistake with your external partners who you pay a lot to help you with external efforts which eventually need to end up being part of your internal USP. If you don't make a conscious effort to diversify your engagements, your efforts will be unsatisfactory in approximately 3 years and you will think your expenditures were not worth the investment.



    BITHOUSE GROUP Inc is the second generation company of Strategic Diversity Group INC which was founded in 2007. BiTHOUSE GROUP Inc offers the same services as Strategic Diversity Group and more. @BiTHOUSEGROUP is a boutique innovation data protection firm, business development cultivator, innovation scouting, mentorship, and strategic partnership firm inclusive of diversity and inclusion milestones in order to ensure brand awareness, market adoption and customer engagement. BiTHOUSE Group identifies and cultivates success factors needed to implement corporate development, organizational effectiveness, innovation and change for corporates, governments, startups and investors as it relates to the intersection of technology and industry.



    Founded by a corporate / startup innovation veteran who moved from San Francisco / Silicon Valley in 2013 to Munich, Germany to "bridge the gap," between corporate and startup environments. BiTHOUSE GROUP has a global network composed of startups, entrepreneurs and corporate executives who are dedicated to excellence vs mediocracy, community vs silo formation and local relevance while making global impact.



    By creating a nucleus for support, community and education, we provide founders of exceptional talent a platform that provides them both local and global visibility.



    BiTHOUSE GROUP also provides a virtual/popup expert, digital and innovation community network spanning across the globe. BiTHOUSE GROUP is a firm believer that formalized program models contribute to unconscious biases which inhibit the global inclusiveness needed to accompany digital solutions being implemented by businesses in order to meet the needs of their employees and their customers.



    BiTHOUSE GROUP has access to diversified pipelines and prides itself on its access to resources and decision leaders in the areas of:


    - Health

    - Food

    - Retail

    - Education

    - Internet of Things

    - Fashion

    - Mobility

    - Technology

    - Blockchain, Altcoins

    - Venture Capital

    - Artificial Intelligence



    BITHOUSE GROUP has always been ahead of those who now claim market leadership and has enjoyed prepping markets for new concepts and enjoyed first movers advantage as it relates to #inclusionfactors of diversity, strategic partnerships and cross border collaborations and operations.



    The company has a presence in San Francisco, Berlin, Munich, Austin, Wichita, Hong Kong and New York.


    Our Brands


    BiTHOUSE GROUP has been a market leader as it relates to identifying first to market opportunities while identifying trends and the formulation of strategic partnerships which cultivate global innovation. Tech is at the nucleus of our focus as it intersects with basic human needs. At BiTHOUSE our business model is a holistic one.  As individuals, consumers, leaders and society, we have basic needs. These needs are: health, food, work, connectivity and entertainment. Therefore the brands we represent are aligned with these basic needs and our thinking "out of the box" mentality: BiTHOUSE Capital, BITHOUSE Labs, Re:Code Food, Retail Innovation Group, Beyond the Music Label Future®, Where Film Meets Charity®, OTGC - On the Green Carpet, HealthRX, AgTech FoodTech Summit, Coin Capital VC, Wearable Tech Couture, OTGC - On The Green Carpet, PopUp Innovation Hub®, #inclusionfactors, Digital HealthTech Summit, Beyond the Music Label, FuseMX, and DigDiversity®




    BiTHOUSE GROUP is inclusive of businesses, experts and founders worldwide. We have launched an Innovation Agency which provides social media marketing, event listing services, product editorials and innovation scouting newsletters. ScAAS "Scouting as a Service" and Berlin "Set up shop" assessments to our list of services. Our founder has lived and worked in Europe (Germany) for close to 5 years now and we decided its time to start providing our behind the scenes resources to others given the innovation efforts which have proven to not be so effective by some corporates as they have engaged with accelerator operators, and biased external networks. We provide personalized services for your market and your goals. Our founder is hands on and won't send newbies out in the field or build teams with no experience to do the job. We align with global experts to help you with your innovation and technology integration needs. Generating recycled and unpersonalized Powerpoints and huge reports that people typically have no time to read are not our USP. We are implementors who believe in conducting our business in an agile way, to take the "fear of failure" epidemic off of your radar. Personalized, authentic and solutions that give you a competitive advantage on a local and global level.


    BiTHOUSE Group Inc is a boutique corporate development, innovation scouting, and strategic partnership firm which utilizes diversity and inclusion milestones in order to ensure brand awareness, market adoption and global integration.

    We identify and cultivate success factors needed to implement organizational effectiveness, innovation and change management for corporates, governments, startups and investors as it relates to the intersection of technology and industry. If you are going through digital transformation, thinking of forming a CVC or launching innovation units, you should probably meet our founder and explore options that save time, money, and utilize your talent and financial resources wisely. We are an extension arm or your organization, we are not consultants.


    BiTHOUSE is also an initiative inclusive of those wanting to identify, create, utilize, acquire, and adopt innovative technology solutions as more things become connected. By default connected things will cultivate and encourage inclusive societies. BiTHOUSE GROUP is a strategy and mentorship driven business development cultivator supporting early stage social impact, healthcare and technology ventures founded by women, minorities and EU founders. We “Minimize Barriers to Entry” for these groups by providing both mentoring and consultation in order to provide them with tools and resources needed for entrepreneurial and funding success. We provide an educational and collaborative environment to share, learn, connect, align, innovate, fund, launch, and market innovative and disruptive technology solutions needed for the future.


    Gartner predicts that there will be 25 billion connected devices by 2020 (3 for every person on the planet) to build the Internet of Things (IoT). Digital transformation has been instigated by a "nexus of forces." The nexus includes social apps, the cloud, mobile, and is elevated by the IoT. Consumers, businesses, governments, health institutions and many others are identifying new ways to utilize and enhance technology.


    WE CONNECT THE DOTS ...BiTHOUSE GROUP provides mentorship, organizes workshops, panels and events aligned with brands and organizations interested in unique technology solutions inspired by youth, elderly, women, people of color and the EU. BiTHOUSE provides an environment and aids with the cultivation of mindsets, enabling individuals to identify with whom they are, express their "out of the box" ideas, build upon their technology concepts and strategically market and align their innovations.


    We are a group of globally employed seasoned business professionals who are experts in various areas of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics), Venture Capital, Media, Business Development, Operations and Innovation. Our diversity, leadership levels and corporate + startup experience enables us to "bridge the gap" between mainstream networks and cultural assets which are essential resources to sustain the growth and development of future technology solutions. We inspire, motivate, mentor and educate those interested in becoming entrepreneurs and pursuing careers in technology. We are inclusive of those from various countries, cultural backgrounds, educational experiences and mindsets due to who we are as a collective. We are a global network of professional individuals who are experts in our areas of focus.



    BiTHOUSE GROUP is inclusive of those worldwide. We cultivate, mentor and support women, minority and EU founders specifically because they are key players in the consumer marketplace. We call these folks "CHANGE AGENTS." Their creative, social and professional input is essential in order to develop and enable sustainable technology solutions needed to meet the needs of future generations.


  • Entering New Territory?

    BiTHOUSE Helps You Identify and Create a Customized Plan to Engage with Startups to Scout + Invest Your Corporate Venture Funds


    Want to Identify and Train Innovators Within Your Organization?





    BiTHOUSE Develops Customised Programs for Your Leadership Teams

  • Innovation PopUp Hub®

    One of our Innovation PopUp Hubs® took place in Munich, Germany in November and December '17. We now organize Innovation PopUp Hubs across the globe during various conferences to align corporates with startups. Focused on health, food, IoT or mobility? Contact us.


    BiTHOUSE is a Global Popup Business Development Cultivator....We focus on Business Building, IoT, Health, AI, Mobility, Music and Entertainment... and provide "psychological safety" for Corporate Executives, Innovators, Startups, SMEs, Investors and Creatives..


    Want to mentor? Sign up here . Who knows where we will popup next.... Join below


    "Food for All of Mankind"


    AgTech + Food + FoodTech

    Trends, Media, Retail, E-Commerce, Startups, Farming,Traceability, Packaging

  • AgTech FoodTech Summit

    “Where Agriculture and Food Intersect with Farmers, Community, Founders, Technology, Corporates, and Investors”


    We Have Created a LIVE Real Time Platform

  • 3rd Annual AgTech FoodTech Summit

    The Final Chapter



    Honoring Entrepreneurs and Solutions Making a Local and Global Impact on the Future of Agriculture, Food, and Water.


    At BiTHOUSE GROUP we believe in diversity and inclusion in the agriculture, food and water space. We give back to communities., care about a balance in voices, nationalities and ethnicities. We are giving away 10 tickets. If you would like to attend and be one of our special comped guests, send an email to: gala@agtechfoodtechsummit.com

  • 3rd Annual AgTech FoodTech Summit & Gala

    November 23, 2018 - Summit

    November 24, 2018 - Gala



    #Trends #InclusionFactors Important for Business Sustainability + Growth

    $705 million

    2017 saw $1.08 billion in venture capital invested across 99 deals, according to our research.

    - Dow Jones Venture Scout


    82% of people think culture not just a HR issue but a business issue and can be a potential competitive advantage.

    - Deloitte University Press


    9 out of 10 (90%) Corporate Innovation teams don't possess the resources, internal support and/or skill sets needed to integrate external innovation into existing business processes.

    - BiTHOUSE Group


    Enterprise software in particular is expected to grow by 7.6% globally in 2017.

    - Gartner


    Only .2% of women of color entrepreneurs receive venture capital funding.

    - JPMorgan Chase, the Kauffman Foundation, & Case Foundation


    Almost 1/3rd of EU startup teams are international.

    - European Startup Monitor


    40 % of senior leaders feel their organisation has a digital culture, but only 27 percent of employees feel the same. In France, as our chart shows, 42% points separate the executive suite from the rest.

    - IDG

    $120 billion

    The entertainment industry is expected to generate $120 billion in consumer spending in 2017.

    €16 billion

    European tech companies raised more than €16 billion last year, spread across 3,420.

    - Tech.eu


    Black women earn 17% less than their white female counterparts and are paid 63% of the dollar men are paid.

    - Serena Williams

    $5.8 billion

    Digital health startups attracted $5.8B in funding in 2015.

    - CB Insights


    Men comprise 89% of venture capital partners.

    - National Venture Capital Association


    The top 10% of a category’s household consumers—the "Super Consumers"—are the ones who can drive at least 30% of sales, 40% of growth and 50% of profits.

    - Nielsen


    Women make up 85% of all consumer purchasing.

    - Bloomberg

    $13.9 trillion

    Total US buying power reached $13.9 trillion in 2016 and predicts it will hit $16.6 trillion by 2021.

    - Selig Center for Economic Growth


    Less than 3% of venture capital dollars going to multicultural entrepreneurs

    - Morgan Stanley


    Women make 85 percent of the purchasing decisions in the household, so to have that female perspective on a board is beneficial.

    - Executive Leadership Council

    > 1 billion

    Over $1 billion was invested in food start-ups and projects in 2016

    - CB Insights

    320 million

    Agtech startups have raised more than $320 million in 2017

    - TechCrunch

    $58.6 billion

    2016 saw a total of $58.6B invested across 4,520 deals, down 20% and 16%, respectively from 2015.

    - PwC


    The overall investment in startups in the wider Food Tech sector increased y‑o‑y: volume +65%, number of financing deals +58%.

    - CUBE


    The proportion of women partners categorized as key decision makers in United States VC firms has declined from 10% to just 5%.

    - Columbia University

    $2.2 trillion

    The combined buying power of blacks, Asians and Native Americans is estimated to be $2.2 trillion in 2016.

    - Selig Center for Economic Growth

    $654 billion

    Device spending is expected to grow 3.8% in 2017, making it a $ 654B market.

    - Gartner


    Users spend 71 percent of their time on mobile devices using apps.

    - Comscore

    3.5 trillion

    Global IT spend is $ 3.5 trillion in 2017.

    - Gartner


    When employees are granted approximately 30% or their time to work on innovative solutions for their organisations, they are more productive and engaged at at work.

    - BITHOUSE Group

    18 countries

    18 countries may lose more than 5% of their dietary protein by 2050 due to a decline in the nutritional value of rice, wheat, and other staple crops.

    - Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

  • IF

    #BH5050 "INCLUSION FACTORS" Initiative

    BiTHOUSE’s “Inclusion Factors” initiative was created due to the growing trend of national conversations focusing on diversity amongst work teams due to the integration of technology.

    Inclusion has always been part of our USP.....

    BITHOUSE had been in the business of “diversity and inclusion” since 2010 under the umbrella of Strategic Diversity Group Inc. As organizations strive to "be digital" and innovate both internally and externally, the need for diversity and inclusion becomes more critical due to positive outcomes relating to ROI and diversified revenue streams. Currently, marketing taglines are being utilized relating to diversity, inclusion and equality amongst men and women, but very few brands, conferences and leadership teams have been able to successfully integrate sustainable diversity within their business models. BiTHOUSE can provide the diversity you need as it relates to startups, gender, skill and other variables which should go hand in hand with your acceleration, innovation and digitalization strategies. We have access to experts across the globe and can both implement and integrate diversity measurements and talent into your hiring practices, management teams, juries, conferences and funding processes.  

    Tech Connect ™

    In 2015, BiTHOUSE started focusing on inclusion factors as it related to European communities and the US entrepreneur / startup culture. Our team has had an opportunity to attend various hackathons, tech events, and conferences throughout the world and have realized a few things are missing. Elements typically missing are those which engage those who are not used to sharing their accomplishments. The "actions speak louder than words" approach is an honorable one, but communication is the key to building brand awareness.


    BiTHOUSE is here to help you! We look forward to helping organizations form strategic partnerships and expand their networks to enhance existing technology platforms and diversify current criteria currently utilized to assess success factors amongst the technology community.

  • #BH5050
    Tweet and Join our initiative as we align with others to ensure 50/50 men to women - women of color in leadership, at conferences, on boards and founding teams.

    Inclusion Factors (IF)......Be 50/50. Find. Align. Innovate. CoCreate

    Be part of a global initiative to build awareness amongst the industries of technology, health, agriculture and food to be more inclusive of female voices and build awareness of #BH5050 strategic approaches which utilize and implement diversified business practices and network affiliations. This initiative was created to align with the various digital, innovation, acceleration, and venture efforts of startups, SMEs, Corporates and Government entities to enable them to be more inclusive of female voices by the end of 2020.


    Save 1 Spot on Your Panel and/or Jury for Diversity


    Diversity of thought is key to successful teams and the development of scaleable products and services. We are aligned with experts across the globe and can enhance the value of your conference or jury by helping you integrate global thought leaders and business executors. Let us provide you with 1 panel member and/or jury member not on your radar. We know the Who's Who in business and technology.



    We Provide Diversified Insights Regarding Your Events


    Diversity in media and journalism is a hot topic. BiTHOUSE Media Group covers your events focused on Health, Agriculture, Food, IOT, Technology and Finance by providing journalists who are unbiased due to their lack of obligation to one specific news outlet. We write product reviews and provide event insights from a diverse perspective. If you aim to obtain a diverse perspective, one that analyses products and services from a global perspective, contact us. Provide us with a press pass to your events. We will gladly attend and submit our insights and summaries to your communications and events team.


  • Wearable Technology

    In 2015 BiTHouse and partners started to organize and execute programs focused on Wearable Technology, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Everything (IoE) as it relates to the Internet of People (IoP). IoT by default cultivates and provides the infrastructure for inclusive and connected societies.

    Our Focus



    Food / Nutrition


    Health Care Disparities and Disabilities

    Nutrition and Health

    Minority Profiles

    Digital Literacy





    Executives, thought leaders, and expert speakers share their best practices and case studies around IoT-empowered products, services, and solutions. They will provide examples about how those solutions have:



    BiTHouse IoT/IoE


    In 2015 BiTHouse will work with global leaders to help implement strategies that minimize the gap between the connected and the solutions that connect them.  Our goal is to work with the EU as well as the USA to minimize barriers to entry and to help organizations and government engage with their diverse client base.  By taking into account diversity amongst customers and consumers we work with organizations to solidify business and technology strategies needed to provide seamless solutions needed to integrate things into systems and processes for the future. Our focus is on Mobility, Energy, Manufacturing, and Connected Home/Building/Cities. IoT and IoE aids with the following:

    • improved business processes
    • enables new business models and brings new revenue channels to life
    • streamlines and automates processes, and/or
    • makes the lives of others safer, easier, or more comfortable.


    A private invite only membership lounge for investors, established entrepreneurs, mentors, corporate executives, and government officials.


    We officially started this initiative in July 2014 and have created these hubs in both Berlin and Munich thus far.


    Cultivating digital transformations, strategic alliances, investor relations and global exposure.


    BiTHOUSE BRYK is a global members only network for established professionals shaping the innovation eco-system for future generations.


    Day passes and conference room bookings are available upon reservation. Appetizers, coffee, beverages and cocktails are served throughout the day. Send us an email: bb@thebithouse.org

  • We Focus On "Change Agents"

    We focus on "CHANGE AGENTS" because they are essential to the continued growth and sustainability of the Internet of Things (IOT).  These agents are usually disconnected from mainstream social and professional circles due to the lack of diversity amongst hiring managers, leadership teams and investment entities.  We are focused on the Internet of People (IoP) to collaborate and create technology solutions for tomorrow.

    BiTHouse cultivates "CHANGE AGENTS" by enabling individuals to tap into their unique skill sets, build confidence and generate interest in areas of STEAM.  We provide a safe environment for youth, women and minorities to share their ideas and create innovative technology solutions with the potential to impact the world in which we live. 

    1.4 Million

    IT will be one of the fastest-growing sectors of the U.S. economy adding nearly 1.4 million job openings by 2020. 

    34% Higher

    Companies with the highest representation of women on management teams have a 34% higher return on investment than do those with few or no women.

    57% of US

    By 2060 57% of the US population will be minorities. 

    1 in 5 Residents

    By 2060 1 in 5 residents will be 65+ with 56% of them being non-Hispanic white.

  • Jury, Partner and Sponsored Events

    We sponsor and partner with organizers of several events in order to diversify content and audiences to be more representative of the society in which we live. Our "Inclusion Factors" Initiative was created to mentor and increase exposure for EU founders, women, minorities, seniors, youth and veterans who want to pursue careers in areas of IoT, Wearables, HealthTech, FoodTech, AgTech, STEM and other technology related endeavors. space. Our goal is to be inclusive of women, minorities and EU founders in order to cultivate diversified startup and entrepreneurial ecosystems worldwide.


    September 13


    Smart Kitchen Summit

    October 8-9



    tackling the future of food, cooking, and the kitchen

    Future Agro Challenge Germany

    November 23



    February 26-28



    20% discount until Jan 31


    CoinAgenda Summit

    January 7-8

    Las Vegas, Nevada


    October 11, 2017

    Use Code: SCON2017





    June 15

    New York


    Early Bird Tickets: http://www.foodbytesworld.com/tickets/

    Seed & Chips


    May 8 - May 11



    30% discount code: AgTechFoodTechSummitSAC17VIP

    #FoodSmashin during

    Seeds & Chips


    May 10


    Invite Only

    Cube Tech Fair



    May 10 - May 12



    20% discount code: CUBEPARTNER20

    startup camp- food track


    April 8, 2017


    Register here: and use code Food_AgTech_SCB17 for a 15% discount

    F&A Next

    May 17 - May 18




    Lauch Festival




    Who's Who: Women in Tech

    @ Web Summit


    Bits & Pretzels

    Mobile Monday

    Berlin / Munich

    TechCrunch Disrupt

    San Francisco



    Wearable Technology Europe 2015


    IoT Accelerate Berlin

    Munich Web Week



    We Train Robots (RPA), AI and ML Systems to be Inclusive of Diversity...



    Feeding you the latest news on #Business #Tech #Food #AI #Cryptocurrency #Mobility #Health


    Your Digital Resource for Trends, News & Events

    Your Innovation Agency for New Products and Services

    News and Insights Regarding the Intersection of Diversity & Technology with

    Food, Health, Fashion, Music, Film & Entertainment.

    Site Listing

    We have loyal clients

    We offer online advertising on our site to build global awareness of your event, tech product, film and/or music. We help you build awareness of your technology innovations, music, film and/or entertainment entities via our organically grown network of champions who trust in content.


    Social Media Strategy

    We understand social media

    We help foster community engagement & interaction for tech products, strategic partners and events with posts to various platforms. We utilize various digital strategies to work with our clients and help diversify their social media channels and increase reach.  


    Innovation News and Editorial

    We write news for you

    We curate innovation news each quarter. We have built a global mailing list that reaches over 8000 decision leaders with our open rates ranging between 60-80%. We offer dedicated blasts within our newsletter and offer editorial services for your innovative news regarding product releases, partnerships and event participation.


    Tech Scouting & Workshops

    We know where to find great technology

    We scout for enterprise and consumer technologies at events across the globe. Looking to invest, acquire and/or conduct a pilot program? We can find the solutions for you. We also conduct S.A.V.E. Business Modeling Workshops with your product, tech and marketing teams in order for you to identify your core competencies and your value added propositions.W


    Contact Us For Pricing

    We help you communicate and build awareness of value added products and services

    send an email to pricing@fusemx.com


  • You May Know What You Are Doing



    The Rest of The World May Not!






    Takes You from

    "Good" to "Great"

  • Digital Health

    Are You a Corporate Looking to Build Your Digital Health Portfolio? BiTHOUSE helps connect the dots between academia, entrepreneurs and industry, by aligning scientific discovery with entrepreneurs and translating these discoveries into new medicines, products and services for patient quality of life.
    Interested in being part of our Digital HealthTech Summit in 2018? Contact Us

  • Music and Entertainment

    BITHOUSE has supported independent artists for a long time. Our founder launched Beyond the Music Label Series ® in 2010 at the Boom Boom Room in San Francisco. Our brand Where Film Meets Charity ® was launched in 2010 during Sundance film festival benefiting the Colon Cancer Alliance (CCA). We have acted as a creative agency providing social media, brand alliance, and artist relations services to film and music professionals for 10 years. Have little to no budget? Contact us and ask about our service grants.


    - We help artists monetize their talent and realize their entrepreneurial potential.

    - We help corporates with their innovative strategies

    - We align brands with new innovative technologies for future growth and development.

  • VC Collaborative

    Now Live!

    Our first gathering of angel investors and VCs took place in Dubai. We align and host leaders of local startup ecosystems with global decision leaders for pitch and networking events.



    VC Collaborative's mission is centered around building a community of influencers, angel investors and venture capitalists to lend their time, resources and expertise to help create a startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem which sparks innovation and supports those willing to take risks both financially and professionally.



    We bring together an exclusive community of leading influencers, venture capitalists and philanthropists from the entrepreneurship, entertainment, business, and technology sectors, to share and catalyze the infrastructure needed to cultivate a successful startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem needed to generate innovative solutions for the future.





    We are a framework for collaboration amongst venture capitalists, investments that are made and those who have obtained and seek investment. Our highly curated experiences are tailored towards fostering a community that seeks to understand the investment landscape and holds those whom engage to be held accountable for innovative spirit, investment knowledge and the creation of technology solutions for technology infrastructures and solutions needed for the future.


    We are building an investment collaborative. This initiative is called both VC Collective and VC Collaborative. We are gathering investors, enabling them to collaborate and presenting them with both software and hardware technologies to be considered for angel and/or venture capital investments.



    Learn. Connect. Align. Mentor. Innovate. Fund. Launch. Promote


    BiTHouse (n. bithous) – A virtual and pop up business development cultivator and educational hub “Minimizing Barriers to Entry” by forming collaborations in order to minimize financial and resource barriers to main stream channels and providing safe spaces for entrepreneurs + technologists to collaborate, learn and share their innovative technology solutions.


    BiTHouse focuses on the “Best in Tech” solutions created by technologists and entrepreneurs from various ethnic, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds and features their products and services in order to increase visibility amongst mainstream business leaders, venture capitalists and organizations.

    Inclusion Factors

    “Inclusion Factors” comes to life through everyday personal interactions and experiences.  BiTHouse builds more inclusive leadership teams, identifies opportunities, helps to curate and diversify events and leadership circles. Our focus on "Inclusion Factors" enables us to help others to incorporate behaviors and programs that lead to a culture of innovation, diversity and inclusion. BiTHouse is dedicated to creating supportive and encouraging environments that celebrate and value individuality and diverse experiences in the workplace, at events and amongst various social circles. To make an impact we must value, respect, and include the people that make diversity, inclusiveness, educational excellence a priority.


    We are global and inclusive, therefore smart cities are on our agenda. BITHOUSE is engaged in aligning with smart city projects and strategizing in order to ensure that these projects are inclusive of community and offer the right solutions pertaining to mobility, health and food.

  • Why Blockchain?

    Bitcoin's blockchain backbone by default promotes inclusion. Bitcoin is a digital currency that is public, open-source and uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks. Nobody owns or controls Bitcoin, everyone can take part. BiTHOUSE values inclusion, therefore Bitcoin and the technology behind are our token and secure solution of choice. We were partners of two of the first cryptocurrency conferences in 2014/15 and are early adopters of technologies that may be disruptive and diversify structured business models. Support founders and startups that we recommend by cryptocurrency funding mechanisms as well.

  • Wilhelmina Jewell Sparks

    @Jewell Sparks is the Founder of BITHOUSE GROUP INC. identifies and engages in opportunities that are inclusive of the acceleration, advisory and funding vehicles needed to aid founders across the globe. We carefully identify, invite and curate the presence and inclusion of #changeagents who have the capability of being global leaders for both community and traditional business channels. Our USP is that we possess the global experience and the knowhow of securing and growing new business channels, understand corporate growth and development strategies, possess startup leadership experience and align with global experts who work on leadership teams of both corporate and startup entities. We are technologists, educators, community activists, STEM professionals, programmers, producers and trainers. BiTHOUSE does not discriminate due to the fact that we are capable of understanding local sensitivities, cultures alongside global market dynamics. We also work and train technology systems and robots to be more inclusive and adapt to entrepreneurial mindsets.


    Jewell is a global business strategist specializing in providing "Out of the Box" business development and market diversification solutions for startups, nonprofits and businesses in transition. Jewell advises and mentors startups on team effectiveness, brand development, social media marketing, and funding strategies. A cellular biologist/business management professional turned inclusion hacker/serial entrepreneur, with over 20 years of sales, strategic alliance, organizational effectiveness and business development expertise, Jewell possesses the experience and the vision to formulate global business concepts and execute them successfully. She helps corporate entities and startups maintain and expand their current markets while attracting and engaging diverse consumer markets. Jewell is able to rapidly assess current business cultures and incorporate innovative solutions + business operation strategies necessary to create sustainable business models to address the needs of future generations. She helps organizations diversify their leadership teams in order to be effective in the following areas: organizational effectiveness, diversity and inclusion initiatives, strategic partnerships/alliances, social media messaging, conference development, hackathons and pitch event execution.


    Operating out of Munich, Berlin, San Francisco, New York and Wichita and having lived in Japan for four years, Jewell has acquired unique skill sets enabling her to aid organizations with business expansion in various regions and diversify their markets across the United States, Europe, and Asia. She is very active in various communities around the globe and is on the Global Advisory Board for SXSW Accelerator, International Academy of Arts and Sciences (Webby and Lovie Awards) amongst other boards and leadership teams. In 2000 she obtained her MBA in strategy, global markets and corporate communications from the University of San Francisco while working for Procter and Gamble Healthcare, and started her own consulting company in 2007 (Strategic Diversity Group) focused on "Bridging the Gap" between business, community, brands and social influencers. Jewell utilizes her technical (biologist), corporate (Procter and Gamble, Syntex now Roche, Amgen) and startup (software + health strategic partnership, business development and sales force training) expertise to empower organizations to put the right systems in place for long-term sustainability, organizational effectiveness, global expansion and customer engagement.

  • Diversity + IDEAS + Tech = Future

  • Partnership, Sponsorship and programming

    BiTHouse partnership leverages the the pr and marketing platform of technology conferences and corporations to deliver a value-driven marketing impact for brands and organizations looking for a direct connection with women and minority innovators who are collaborating and creating platforms and businesses that are impactful, scalable and in attendance.  We assist with engaging women, minority and European technologists / entreprenuers leading up to, during and after your events. We work closely with partners and sponsors to:


    • Promote brand identity

    • Reach target demographics

    • Integrate partner and sponsor products and services

    • Draw the attention of community influencers, industry and media professionals


    Sponsor BiTHouse workshops, panels and events in order to reach diverse markets and prepare minority technologists and entrepreneurs for the future. Draw the attention of community influencers, industry and media professionals. We help you identify women and minority technology professionals to judge your competitions, mentor and speak at your conferences and/or events. BiTHouse partners with various organizations in order to help diversify target markets, build brand awareness and organizational effectiveness.  BiTHouse provides programming services for the following:


    • Pitch contests
    • Hackathons
    • Conferences
    • High profile events


    Send an email to: partnerships@thebithouse.org for more information.Contact us for more information on developing a custom program to fit your brand’s needs. We are currently curating Panel Sessions and Core Conversations designed to provide conference attendees a unique opportunity for intimate engagement with the most connected women and minority names and minds in the technology arena.

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    We are always looking for strategic parnters to help execute our programs and provide swag for our awesome participants.

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